Thank you for visiting this site. Here, you will find laid out what people have wondered about for centuries about the return of Jesus Christ; a bold claim, I know. But it is one that will be backed up with reliable scientific data which you can read in the pages to the right, for free. In Habakkuk 2:2 the Bible says to “Write down the revelation and make it plain…” or easy to understand, “It speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger… it will certainly come… “
The DVD is a bold exploration of the end-times, containing even more dynamic insight regarding the treasures of Bible prophecy than we are able to put into text on this website.
You will finally see the explanation of things so long thought unknowable. Once you grasp that the ancient writers of the Bible saw things they could not adequately describe and use the words that made sense to them at the time, you’ll see how they compare to a more up to date description.
Just as God used the elements of nature when He sent a wind to part the Red Sea, He will once again display His awesome power in the future in using the things He created to show us the greatness with which He honors His Son. In the Bible, the apostle Peter said that God has put it into the hearts of men to search out what would be the manner and times of the coming of the Messiah. In all likelihood that is why you are here. You won’t be disappointed!
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Here you will find scientific evidence of many things written in the bible. We will explain, with scientific clarity, the prophecies in the Bible and illustrate its text with accuracy sufficient to rely on the veracity of the scriptures.