Having been a believer in Jesus for many years, I have always had an attraction to the uniqueness of its clear instances of the future being foretold in bible prophecy. Predating my time as a believer I always had a very strong attraction to science as well.  After coming to faith in Jesus I therefore became naturally attracted to the studies in Christian apologetics.  I admired those who found evidence that supported the bible and answered the questions that so many have.

I found there was a treasure trove of data relating to archaeology and all things connected to the related topics in the ongoing debates of the creation vs evolution.  Apologetics also showed the strength of biblical prophecy.

As I studied eschatology, I found the well-known positions on the last days and return of Jesus.  My understanding was tremendously helped by many faithful believers at various forums online.  I came to the point where it seemed we were all going in circles in the discussions of the associated sub topics and nobody had satisfactory answers on some issues that were important to me.  I remember one day reading in my bible an often quoted verse from the prophet Jeremiah in chapter 33:3- Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

When I was done reading I prayed and told God that I wish that He would show me, or someone, the understanding of things we don’t know, the things I had been trying so hard to grasp.  It wasn’t terribly long after this that my son brought an oversized book home from school that had many high quality pictures in it from telescopes and space probes of the planets, galaxies and nebulae.  One of the descriptions mentioned the fiery appearance of the clouds in space, one spoke of their breathtaking majestic display.

Something inside made me wonder; if God made such a fiery appearance in space, could that be what the apostle meant when he wrote of the heavens being on fire?  But how could this be? It had always bothered me that people said the heavens would be on fire, as in destruction of the planet yet there are plenty of references to things that make it sound like the world will not be destroyed.  Could there be some connection here?  This was the spark of inspiration that led me to investigate the matters as completely as I knew how. I have added them to the other things that to me seemed to be a breakthrough in understanding that not only debunks some of the muddied teachings that are running rampant, but going even further.  After seeing so much contradiction, I immersed myself into exhaustive research on these matters and now I consider this to be the closest thing to what may be called the Rosetta Stone of bible prophecy!

I sincerely believe that since so few, comparatively, will be able to witness all of these events as they happen in the theater of their focused fulfillment, every believer should read what is revealed in these pages for an even greater appreciation of God’s works.  I am no scholar, physicist or theologian and I have no experience writing books. But the things laid out here should provide satisfaction, provocation, interest and understanding enough for those in any category of reader.


The Return of the Christ


This is the rest of the Gospel, or “good news” which is the story of Jesus.  The story of Jesus isn’t over yet!  The Gospel has gone out to the nations, proclaiming the redemption for mankind by the death and resurrection of the Son of God as the substitutionary payment for our sins so that all who believe and repent can receive forgiveness.  Now, the world must prepare for THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST!

In this book you’ll be seeing what the bible says about the return of Jesus and the fulfillment of many related prophecies in a way that is likely different from anything you’ve seen or heard before. * Revelation 1:7- Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him, even they who pierced Him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him. Even so, Amen.  The mystery of HOW Jesus will appear to the world when He comes again has not been understood for centuries…..UNTIL NOW!

The return of Jesus Christ is the only thing that can surpass the first coming of Christ.  Jesus fulfilled many prophecies by His first coming, yet there are many more in number regarding His second coming that are yet to come to pass.  What about the so called end of the world?  Armageddon?  All these things and more have been associated with the end times and return of Jesus for centuries now.  What will it really be like?  Where does it all go from here and how will it end up?  People have been saying the end is near for a long, long time.  Are we finally closing in on it or is it just more of the same ongoing discussion?  Certainly, there are many and varied opinions on the subject, but can we know for sure?  This has indeed been a matter of intense study and much writing, for nearly two thousand years, actually.  The book of Revelation…so mysterious to so many, so full of symbolism!  Because it is, misunderstandings abound.  But here as well as elsewhere in scripture, we are able to glean profound insight to accurate scientific information to get answers.  People wonder about the future because it’s only natural to do so.  Not only is that the case, but the bible itself shows us that God has put it into the hearts of men.  *1 Peter 1:11- Searching what, or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify, when it testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow.  In a way similar to how Jesus’ first coming to be the savior of all people was “hidden” in the scriptures, this aspect of His second coming has remained a mystery.  His first coming was there, just not understood until it happened.  The people of that time had their own ideas of what the coming of the Messiah would be like.  Now, many just don’t know what to think.  In the past, their expectations of the arrival of the Messiah were shaped by misunderstandings and the inability to connect the scriptures to each other or to get their full meaning.  This time though, using a bit of scientific investigation, we can know much of how it will be in advance.  We can logically examine some of the most commonly held claims about these events and navigate through other current misconceptions so there will be a greater clarity and harmony in the passages that seem so hard to grasp.  It isn’t quite as impossible as many would have us believe.  Other ideas that are commonly tossed around usually amount to mere speculation.  Some are obviously over reaching and straining to make things fit.  I am confident that readers being the judge of this work will be able to see the difference.  Many times people simply give up trying to understand the prophecies of the end times or think that it’s too hard or that we CAN’T know them, as if not allowed.  But there is so much that we now CAN know.  The result has been that some “blanks” need to be filled in.  That is just what this book will do.  To be fair, many of the most important aspects of this Second Advent couldn’t be known until these last days.  However now, advances in scientific understanding give us the clearest view of His Second Coming possible apart from actually being there when it happens.  Wouldn’t you like to find out once and for all for yourself what the prophets and apostles saw in the visions God gave them?  But people have accepted as impossible the question of knowing what the second coming of Christ will be like.  Yet the bible itself gives much of the necessary information.  And why wouldn’t it?  Prophecy is something that sets the scriptures in the bible apart from all other religions.  *Isaiah 46:9 & 10- “…who else is a God like unto me, telling the end from the beginning?”  Prophecy is extremely important.  Biblical prophecy has been called the supernatural signature of God.  So is there any way to independently verify the accuracy of the things that have been the most difficult to understand?  Well it’s time for some conclusive evidence to remove all doubt as to the veracity of the word of God.  Surely science, seen merging with prophecy, will enlighten our minds and the scriptures will in turn enlighten us spiritually.

Since so many things have been written and said about the last days, and the second coming of Jesus, the varying versions of eschatology have become quite contrasting and in some cases have truly gone toward the absurd end of the spectrum.  The overall diversity thereof appears only to be growing.  To the best of my knowledge there hasn’t been one that provides as much of a closely held adherence to the scientific aspect as is contained in this short work.  And I assure you it will be reliable science to which I make my appeal.  Of course it helps to be familiarized with the scriptures as much as possible when considering any one of the choices available in order to discern which end times scenario is closest to the meaning of the scriptures.   So then what is a way that will help us understand some of the more difficult to comprehend passages?   I say we must start with treating the prophecies of the last days as something that will be literally fulfilled.  * Revelation 22:18 & 19- For I testify unto every man that hears the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.  I say this because this is how other prophecies were fulfilled.  Otherwise they are no real prophecy at all.  This is why I have been so thrilled to find the science that fits so well.  God Himself created science, so why would He not use it?  I know that in the end we still won’t have as good an understanding of as many things as we would truly like.  But what true science can do is point to the conclusion holding the greatest likelihood.  But that does not make the fulfillment of future prophecies any less likely.  Their fulfillment is a certainty!  And here, in so many instances we can see a match that is so close, and there is such successive consonance that those who are unbiased can be truly convinced.  Of course the partisans will always deny.  Even so, where science cannot provide every last detail, which is the case in most every branch of science anyway, we have confidence in the fulfilment of the covered prophecies based on the record found through history of so many other bible prophecies having come to pass.  But the way science and scripture are presented here makes the most compelling connections that have been found so far in comparison to other methods of interpretation, in my opinion.  I haven’t seen such a forensic analysis on these things before.  In doing so I realize that people will not be familiar with some of the scientific references too.  It will help and be found to provide satisfaction to research the principals discussed.  Regardless, it will be presented in terms easy enough to be understood by most readers, I am persuaded.

As you’ll see for yourself, the scientific facts contained here will verify the scriptures in the bible precisely.  Of course there will be a bit of artistic liberty to help better illustrate the points being made while maintaining the standard necessary to hold true to both scriptural and scientific requirements.  Even the best artwork can only help to furnish some aid in visualizing the concepts described.  I realize too that in this area of study there has been artwork that has served to get in the way of an improved understanding.  To the best of my ability, I have tried to ensure that it should not be the case here.

By far, the most popular of the end time theories in recent times has been that of the world ending in a global nuclear holocaust somehow fulfilling prophecies of the last days.  Not surprisingly, the idea comes directly from the cold war era.  With the atomic genie out of the bottle, it didn’t take long for someone to begin making a bible related connection.  The thinking goes like this: in *2 Peter 3:10-12 it says, “…the ELEMENTS shall melt with fervent heat…” Since uranium is an “element” it is reasoned, and there is intense heat in a nuclear explosion, this verse is taken to be a foundation for the theory.  The belief in this version cannot be overstated.  It has permeated our society to the point of being included as a main theme in the “Terminator” movies ending with “Judgment Day” complete with a second coming of a super powered savior figure who promised to come back, and does, though he died!  And there we have the Hollywood special effects in the final scene’s depiction of a terminator gospel ending with the antiquated 1950’s version of interpreting this portion of scripture.  A worldwide nuclear holocaust!  Other dramatizations like “Armageddon” or “Deep Impact” take a more scientific approach to the possibility of the world ending but are not intended to be biblical in their story lines either.  None of these attempt to show how Jesus will be seen by the nations.  *Matthew 24:30- “…they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.  They are meant as entertainment, yet have certain elements that show the influence of the bible. The REAL story of the “END” is found in the Bible alone.

In the religious world, the great appearance of Jesus features postulations that run the field, from unlikely speculations like Jesus being seen on satellite TV, which much of the world doesn’t even have, to mostly silence for the honest lack of a credible answer.  The same is true for dealing with the presumed “nuclear winter” that would engulf the planet and destroy all life should that scenario stated above actually play out.  It is described as a prolonged period of cloud cover caused by soot injected into the atmosphere by nuclear explosions, blocking out sunlight and bringing the world to a reduced temperature hostile to most living creatures and an enduring lack of a growing season.  That doesn’t even mention the radioactive fallout that could contaminate everything and remain deadly for perhaps thousands of years! Some also envision this global battle burning up the planet.  Did you know there simply isn’t enough Plutonium anywhere to burn up the entire planet?   Or, there is the idea some have held that God Himself will just vaporize the Earth.  The only responses for this that I’ve heard suggested among bible readers were, “it’s just a mystery” or God will make “a new heaven and a new Earth” like it says in *Revelation chapter 21.  But that only brings about more impossibilities.  Jesus indicated that he would return to THIS Earth.  That makes it sound like a strained understanding at best, if not an outright contradiction.

Well, now it is time to look at what the bible actually DOES say.  We’ll be looking at excerpts from both the Old and New Testaments.  They are best dealt with keeping in mind that they are a collection of visions as well as prophetic utterances.  You will see them fall into place beautifully like a series of stop action photos or small clips in varying perspectives of the overall event.  Do not be concerned about chapter references that seem out of sequence, in the book of Revelation especially.  The illustrations of 7 seals, trumpets and vials look a lot like descriptions of the same events, just being retold in varying detail and perspective.  In the bible they are written down in this manner, so many people make the mistake of insisting they are sequentially ordered.  Here is an easy example of the proof of this.  When you look at the ensuing judgments you will notice the similarities in them.  For instance, the mountains and islands being moved out of their places.  It is written twice but doesn’t happen twice.  A judgment involving the Euphrates River shows the same thing.  The same is true for events involving the sun, the sea etc.  So it is evident that these are retellings of the happenings of the times.  Next, did you know that according to the Bible the Earth will NOT end?  *Psalm 78:69- And He built His sanctuary like the heights, like the earth which He has established forever.  *Psalm 104:5- Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed forever.  *Ecclesiastes 1:4- One generation passes away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abides forever.  Yet we can still find people stating that the world will be reduced to particles.  This shows a failure by some to read and comprehend the scriptures showing that Jesus will reign over THIS Earth.  We are even told of the very announcement that will be made when it happens. *Revelation 11:15- And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.