Off The Grid


A highly charged auroral display surrounds the entire planet.

This also helps explain possibly why the invading power from the north seems to be described as an army out of the past in *Ezekiel 38.  Their technologically advanced weapons of war will have to be left behind too due to the electromagnetic pulse style effects of the surging charges above.  There are at least 100 million AK-47 / AK-74 rifles in use, the majority of which are concentrated in the countries most associated with the former Soviet Union and are widespread in the Middle East.  They would provide the major source of firewood referred to in bible as being burned by the Israelis after the war for seven years.



An example of weaponry containing wood to be burned for 7 years.

With tremendous power simultaneously building in this cloud above and now spilling over from charged particles from the sun, energy will be directed along the Earth’s magnetic field into the poles of the planet causing it to strengthen internally in a way similar to that theorized to be the mechanism occurring in the sun. This is also what will likely contribute to an immediate increase in the number and magnitude of earthquakes.  According to stated theories of our magnetic field, there is an under-reported influence from the Earth’s magnetic field on seismic activity connected with it.  Even in a junior high school science class we learned how this happens.  When a small amount of electricity is applied to a wristwatch’s “quartz movement” it is made to change its shape.  Let’s not forget that electric currents cause magnetism or, an electromagnetic field.  Electromagnetism is up to 1039 times more powerful than gravity.  That is a lot of zeros, thirty nine of them.  A force that can reach a billion, billion, trillion times that of gravity.  Think of that the next time you use a magnet to pick up a paper clip for example and witness it overcoming the gravity of the entire planet.  There is unquestionable evidence of tremendous power from the sun entering the Earth at the poles as can be seen in the auroras.  This has led some scientists to look for ways to investigate how sudden increases in output from the sun in the form of solar flares can influence earthquake activity.  It has even been speculated that a quake can be likened to a lightning discharge in the Earth with the shaking following as does thunder.  Heliospheric researchers have modeled some of the inner workings of the sun showing forces there to be like tubular magnetic “bands”.  The newly energized geomagnetic field of the Earth could take on the same type of features and increase the telluric currents, that is simply, any underground electrical current that can be detected, already known to exist in the Earth, only to a much greater strength.  Indeed there is evidence of this from the distant past on the ocean floor.  These magnetic “stripes” however are, in my opinion, wrongly interpreted as signs of pole reversals.  At least one of these underground filaments will twist, buckle and protrude through the surface in a strategic location.  When it does so it will form a magnetic dome.


Magnetic stripes from the ocean floor.

A newly discovered method of visualizing the long theorized  plasma bands produced by the Earth’s magnetic field is seen in the image below thanks to a researcher in Australia.  I contend that once the changes in planet’s inner and outer dynamics is completed, these bands will once again be confined to just under the planet’s surface as they were when they left the signature of the “stripes” abovebefore the great flood of Noah’s time.


Magnetic bands recently discovered and shown as they currently are structured.



Magnetic bands under Earth’s srface as they will be and once were.


A simulation of the cloud in space being “pushed” closer to the Earth by pressure from the solar wind with excess energy being directed to its interior through the poles causing magnetic filaments in the Earth’s interior to buckle, twist, and push upward.